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What to Look for in a Laptop Screen Extender for Your Nintendo Switch

Trio laptop screen extender

The gaming industry is advancing by the year, and so is the global gaming community. Games always look for the latest tech equipment to enhance their gaming experience.

One of these technological advancements is a laptop screen extender. These devices connect to a computer through a USB port or an HDMI cable. Some of these come with adjustable features, such as contrast and brightness, and support for multiple video inputs.

Whether you love playing online games, virtual reality games, or console games, investing in an extra screen is a great idea. This device is especially beneficial for gamers who play on a Nintendo Switch. If you’re happy to plug your gaming console into your laptop, you can easily create an impressive gaming setup by adding a screen extender. For example, you can buy a hi-tech portable monitor screen like the Trio laptop screen extender from Mobile Pixels, which is compatible with Nintendo Switch. That way, hard-core gamers will enjoy a fabulous gaming experience.

One of the most notable benefits of having multiple monitors is having more screen space which makes gaming an immersive experience. Also, the setup will allow you to run various simultaneously. For example, you can talk to your friends on Twitch while playing.

Mobile Pixels Trio – 14.1 Inch Triple Portable Monitor

How to Buy the Best Laptop Screen Extender for Your Gaming Setup

So what are the factors that come into play when you are on the lookout for the best type of screen extender? Let’s find out.


Size is a significant factor when shopping for portable monitors. It’s essential to choose the best size according to your laptop screen. For example, if you like playing your Nintendo Switch while traveling, portable and smaller screens may work for you. However, if you need extra screens for building a large gaming setup, look for larger screens that also come in handy for other jobs. For example, video editing, graphic designing, etc.


Frequent travelers who are also fond of gaming usually prefer a lightweight screen extender for their Nintendo Switch. However, consider your lifestyle and hobbies before buying a heavy portable monitor. For example, you don’t want to carry it around while going on a hiking adventure.  


Undoubtedly, a higher resolution monitor screen will create a crisper and more detailed image.

However, remember that it will require more processing power from your laptop. Make sure your portable three-way display is configured to choose a resolution supported by your computer and offers a balance between visual quality and performance.


Another significant component to look for in a portable extender screen is its connectivity features. After all, who wants to spend their hard-earned money on a monitor screen that doesn’t connect to their laptop? Although HDMI or DisplayPort compatibility is useful, a USB-C connection is the latest feature to look for in a portable screen. A USB-C cable is essential for your portable monitor since it can transmit large amounts of data and electricity.

Benefits of Having a Second Screen for your Laptop

More Viewing Space

Attaching one or two monitors to your laptop screen can expand the viewing area of a Nintendo Switch.

More Comfort

Viewing multiple monitors means you can reduce eye and neck strain successfully, as you don’t have to stay glued to a single screen at a specific angle.

Better Portability

Most of the latest monitor extenders available on the market are compact and lightweight. That means they are easy to store and carry. That’s excellent news for gamers who are always on the go.

Enjoy a Tri Screen Viewing Experience

Connecting two extender screens on either side of the laptop screen creates a three-screen mode. Gaming on a tri-screen is a fantastic experience you and your friends will never forget.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why getting your hands on a portable monitor screen lets you enjoy an immersive gaming experience. A portable monitor is a better fit for your laptop screen because it eliminates the need to have a bulky desktop screen, which may clutter your space.

Laptop screen extenders are an excellent way to upgrade your laptop. The extra screen also offers an improved viewing experience. They are available in various features, sizes, and price tags. They are handy for either work or play. However, gaming enthusiasts can specifically benefit from them as they provide a remarkable gaming experience. For example, Nintendo Switch users who use a laptop for a better viewing experience can find portable screens a fabulous addition. That’s because extra monitor screens allow them to play better.